Shipyard / marine carpentry / layout

The TWINS REFIT company has been created by the will of three woodworking enthusiasts. After studying business and working in various joinery in France they felt theneed to manage the entire process, hence the idea of creating a society.

The recent development of yachting restoration in La Ciotat created a demand for exceptional work and an opportunity to install a new carpentry business.

The perception of added value and the French expertise is appreciated by discerning customers of the yachting industry. TWINS REFIT implements modern and traditional craftsmanship in their achievements.

To stay close to the customers, we go all over the Côte d'Azur with our team of specialists.

! We have equal satisfaction in difficult projects than in daily work, always carried with the greatest attention, the best quality and the shortest delay.

! We are committed to the environment by actively participating in the sorts of waste and their recycling. And using a minimum of polluting products.